What is The Compassionate Allowances List?

What is The Compassionate Allowances List?

| Nov 9, 2020 | Social Security Disability

Few, if any, prominent federal government entities are not usually linked with compassion. Yet, compassion is a word often bandied about in the Social Security Administration, specifically when referring to The Compassionate Allowances List. This category of disabilities is not subject to the ordinarily lengthy and complicated processes for applicants complying fully with all SSA policies.

In its place is a streamlined system where adults and children with severe conditions can secure approval, and Social Security Disability benefits quickly.

To date, more than 600,000 severely disabled people are part of the program.

Streamlined Options for the Disabled

The program identifies and documents several medical afflictions and diseases that meet the standards for SDDI beneficiaries who have applied for benefits. Conditions recently added to the Compassionate Allowances List bring the number to 242 and include the following:

  • Desmoplastic Small Round Cell Tumors
  • GM1 Gangliosidosis, including both infantile and juvenile
  • Nicolaides-Baraister Syndrome
  • Rubinstein-Tybai Syndrome
  • Secondary Adenocarcinoma of the Brain

The rules of the Compassionate Allowances List strips away the delay with the help of Social Security’s Health IT, cutting-edge technology that minimizes the wait times. All that is needed to fast track approval is a medical professional’s confirmation of the disability and the submission of electronic medical records for a faster-than-normal review.

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