Supplemental Security Income

Are You A Candidate For Supplemental Security Income (SSI)?

Supplemental Security Income (SSI) consists of government benefits primarily for low-income individuals who are disabled and cannot work for a year or more.

Unlike Social Security Disability (SSD), SSI does not require a work history. SSI is intended for people:

  • Whose assets are worth less than the thresholds outlined by the Social Security Administration (SSA)
  • Who are over age 65 and/or partially or completely blind

If you are meet the criteria, you are no stranger to challenges and difficulties. You should not have to deal with slow processes of the SSA to start getting the benefits you are eligible for.

Morgan & White-Davis Attorneys At Law, in Winter Park, Florida, is a valuable resource for applicants for SSI and other government programs such as Medicaid. We have helped many people with disabilities overcome bureaucratic delays, denials and unexplained payment cut-offs.

How We Can Help

We will first evaluate the facts to be sure that you qualify for SSI. This may mean obtaining medical reports and other evidence of your disability. It will also involve documenting your assets and other factors that may make you eligible for SSI benefits.

Rest assured that our attorneys are compassionate and attentive when working with clients. We are forceful and aggressive when representing the disabled in hearings and trials. When we believe in a client’s case, we will not give up or back down until we have done all that we possibly can to facilitate an approval and the beginning of benefit payments.

Make An Appointment Now

If you are thinking of contacting a lawyer, please don’t put it off any longer. Initial consultations are free. You will not owe us attorneys’ fees until we succeed in recovering back payments for the benefits you should have been receiving.

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